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About Z-Ah, its people and services

We're an innovations business and have a lot of tricks up our sleeves!

We opened our offices in February 2011 with the intention to introduce the most effective smartphone marketing platform we could possibly develop on our startup budget and within 12 months. We decided right from the beginning that the key player in the process would be an element in printed media that a smartphone could read and link print with web.

Image watermarking, Shotcodes and other initial options

We didn't hit on QR immediately - we looked carefully at image watermarking first because of the way that data is encoded into the image and is therefore invisible, highly desirable in the design business. However, this required a proprietary smartphone app that most wouldn't find, so we sidelined it as níche for the time being. Next in line were Shotcodes - visually much better looking, but with some similar issues when it actually comes to decoding the data. We wanted to make everything as accessible as possible.

Z-Ah QR Codes

It was a no-brainer decision to use QR as the access point to our platform. Although pretty ugly (let's not pretend they're nice to look at!), they're pretty damned reliable and there are loads of scanner apps out there that will reliably decode the data. Pow! We were off, and Z-Ah was born.