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Take advantage of our Identities feature to create and deploy campaigns as different versions of yourself

Z-Ah's Identities feature enables the creation of associated client accounts under a single login for Plus+ users. This makes it easy to manage different "versions" of yourself without the need to jump between accounts.

So, those of you who are both, for example, artist and a photographer can manage campaigns for both identities from a single account whilst still offering campaigns to users as separate entities, making scheduling functionality more specific and useful for visitors. You may create as many identities as you need, each with their own schedules and Channel Codes.

Personal / Social

Personal / Social

Make it easier to manage campaigns for separate businesses/people/versions of yourself as the same owner and without the need to have separate accounts. Add different payment cards for each identity and manage identity's timeline individually.

Bands / Films / Events

Bands / Films / Events

This feature is especially useful in the entertainment business, where multiple entities are produced or managed by the same entity. The independent film company, for example, could use identities to manage campaigns and timelines for each of it's forthcoming pictures.

Branches / Outlets

Branches / Outlets

For commercial users who run outlets with multiple branches or outelts that need their own individual campaigns, use this feature to set up multiple branches under the same parent company. Accounts can be billed separately or to the parent cardholder.

Multiple Channel Code identities

Our Channel Code feature supports multiple identities, letting you create as many individual Z-Ah QR codes for your promotional media as you like. You can even create media-specific codes to track interactions across business cards, flyers, posters and whatever else you're using to get yourself out there.

Corporate usage support

Our Identities feature allows businesses with more complex corporate structures to map client accounts and campaign access accordingly. We can help you to create a Z-Ah campaign management structure for your entire organisation so that everyone can use QR in their everyday work. Set up multiple clients, branches, offices, users, identities and campaigns, each with their own ownership and accountability.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help better integrate Z-Ah into your processes.